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Fleur á Flair Heirloom Floral Preservation has been preserving flowers for 25 years. Many satisfied Brides have enjoyed the three-dimensional beauty of their wedding flowers designed as a custom piece of artwork. We can recreate the bridal bouquet in a shadowbox, oval frame, or custom display case.You also get the advantage of in-town drop off and selection. Gift certificates available.

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The flowers were done beautifully. You were a real pleasure to work with and really saved the day since we forgot to plan ahead on the preservation of our flowers. Beautiful! We love it!

My flowers turned out beautiful and the frame was really unique! It's a great way to preserve the memory of my special day!

What a wonderful job they did! I can't wait to hang it up! I would recommend them to anyone who just had a wedding!

They look good, better than I expected! I thought the roses might be brown, especially since they were (11 days) old when I brought them. I'm excited now seeing all these options!

I just loved it! It was so much better than I imagined. It will be a nice memory of that day. It was so nice working with you. I will pass the word on.
Sue, M.O.B.

Yeah! Looks so good! I love it! I think it turned out really nice. I'm so pleased. I love it! It makes me want to have my wedding again!

I was so glad I went to you guys. It was awesome! My friends couldn't believe they were real (flowers). They tried to dry their own and it didn't work. Loved the beads you made also!

It takes me back to my wedding day whenever I see it. I was more than just pleased with it, over the top happy with it.

I love it, it's better than I ever imagined!

I'm going to hang it right away-can't wait to get it up! Thanks very much. Your guys are very creative!

Nice, beautiful, great, fantastic. The glass (museum glass) is awesome, looks like you can reach in and touch them! I will definitely refer you!

She will be very happy when she sees this!

The bride was just thrilled with her (framed) bouquet! Went beyond all expectations!
Deb, M.O.B.

We preserved her sisters bouquet 12 years ago and it still looks great. This daughter has always admired it so now we are doing her bouquet.

You did a fantastic job, again! This is great! I will be able to hang these together. (Mothers' flowers from 3 childrens' weddings). She is going to love her frame, it's beautiful.
Lynn, M.O.G.

This below from a funeral:

It is so beautiful (tears). I just love it. I'm so glad I  got the flowers here in time. Thank you!

Owner Janet Moore, M.S. has worked with Brides as a floral designer and preservation specialist. She has won awards and has taught floral design enabling her to recreate the bridal bouquet in a shadowbox, oval frame, or custom display case. Many brides chose to also include other wedding memorabilia such as an invitation, wedding license, tiara, gloves, or photo. Janet has researched and refined her methods over the years to bring you the best combination of quality, variety, and personal service.

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Follow these simple steps after
your event to in sure your flowers
stay fresh prior to preservation.

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